dedicated to serving local artists by creating opportunities and supporting those emerging

making live theatre accessible and approachable to diverse audiences

"Upstart Productions is doing the unthinkable, and what a glorious thing they have done”.

Arnold Wayne Jones, Dallas Voice
"A ballsy bunch of intrepid theatre artists and savvy production wizards”.

Alexandra Bonifield,

"Fearless performances…riveting theatre".

Mark Lowry, TheaterJones


Since 2008 Upstart Productions has been a critically acclaimed and awarded theatrical production company know for its bold programming, fearless performances and groundbreaking approach to reaching new audiences. With a mission steeped in a philosophy of making Dallas culturally significant by discovering, cultivating and compensating its artists, the company is continuing to produce socially relevant, publicly viable offerings and furthering its commitment to create opportunities for emerging artists and works. As of 2017 Upstart has adopted a production model that focusses on agility as well as a PAY WHAT YOU WANT admission policy to make theatre accessible to a wider range of audiences. Being able to travel shows and removing the cost barrier of being able to attend them is all part of a dedication to making theatre accessible to all.


• Producing challenging, artistically ambitious projects for artists and audiences.
• Creating opportunities for emerging to grow artistically and professionally
• Making theatre accessible to a wider range of audiences
• Engaging audiences through socially relevant, public viable productions
• Building Dallas’ reputation as a major cultural capital by incentivizing its artists to work here and its citizens to participate
• Developing a model that can contribute to Dallas financially supporting and retaining its artists

Company Members

Artistic Director

Joey Folsom has been involved with Upstart Productions since 2008 in various roles including as an actor in many of their most notable and acclaimed productions such as Talk Radio, Suburbia, The Aliens and Year of the Rooster. Taking the reins as Artistic Director at the end of 2016 he brings his knowledge of the organization’s rich history and values to the role as he leads the company through an active resurgence and its 10th anniversary (in 2018).  His focus is one of continuing to solidify the impact Upstart has already had on the cultural landscape of Dallas and furthering it through new initiatives, diversifying programming, adding educational offerings, attracting funding and increasing revenue.  A full-time professional actor, Folsom has a passion for enabling other artists to explore career enriching experiences and a committed dedication to not only finding and providing opportunities for emerging artists and their work but also for compensating and providing the types of incentives to keep them in Dallas and working, strengthening the city’s cultural profile and the community.

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