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In keeping with Upstart Production’s dedication to bringing socially relevant work to a new and expanding audiences, Joey Folsom brings Sam Bobrick and Julia Stein's Lenny Bruce is Back to a series of non-traditional venues in Dallas, Chicago and Los Angeles before mounting the production at The Untied Solo Theatre Festival in New York. Today's political climate in America has again brought the issues surrounding free speech, comedy as civil disobedience and satire as a vehicle for social change to the forefront of our cultural conversation. This makes the story of Lenny Bruce not only remarkably relevant but one of timely historical precedent to be noted. While primarily comedic in design, this one man show profiles one of stand up comedy's most controversial figures who challenged the perceptions of the purpose of comedy and is thought of by many as the satirical equivalent of a martyr, vilified in life and sainted in death for the path he paved for comedians and individuals alike regarding the freedom of speech.

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Dallas Comedy House

8 PM                             8 PM                               10 PM
Friday, August 4         Saturday, August 5           Saturday, August 5

Viva's Lounge

8PM                              11 PM
Friday, August 11         Friday, August 11
* Includes Burlesque Pre-Show
The Second City - The Beat Lounge

10:30 PM                                             7:30 PM                                7:30 PM
Thursday, August 24                             Friday, August 25                  Saturday, August 27

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